Bradley Coleman-Reinhardt

Quizical understanding father


Bradley has more of an academic look to him, not at all like his wife Holly.

You wouldn’t be able to tell they go together until you saw them together, they make quite a team, even if they don’t realize it themselves.


Bradley met Holly and started having a relationship with her when she first arrived in town. They met at the local bar and had a drunken one night stand. When Holly found out she was pregnant she found him and told bradley, when he found out he was scared like any would be parent but found the courage to step up, he made an effort to be there for Holly and to get to know her better. It May seem like a forced love between them, but they’ve made it work, not only with each other but with their son Jason as well.

Bradley never knew about his wolven heritage until he became a part if Hollys life, where he had to find out.

Bradley Coleman-Reinhardt

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