Chelsea Harper

Proud mom


Dirty blonde hair a good looking, being the mom of a child action star wasn’t easy, she always had to worry about him doing too much, but she knew that if he made it big he could have anything he ever wanted, so she supported him in any way she could.

Today she couldn’t be any more proud of her son, the only regret she has was giving him his movie money before he turned 18, but even that he’s taken in strides, graduating high school and going on to college soon. She not sure what all this finding himself talk is about, but she’s sure he’ll make the right choice, whatever it us.


Chelsea got pregnant during her senior year in high school, she doesn’t regret it thought s he loved Nathens father, even if he didn’t love her back, she’s almost all but forgotten about him in the last few years, with Nathen finishing his acting to graduate highschool, her finding some place her some could go to school without being bothered and finally her son graduating high school. She very proud of her son and wishes him well.

Chelsea Harper

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