Deacon Grier

A mid twenties year old whose eyes betray expierence beyond his years


A man in his mid twenties, has a look in his eyes like that of a predator.

A big man, Deacon stands nearly six and half feet tall. Stocky and muscular he’s a formidable sight when he comes to his full height.

Normally Deacon wears baggy clothes and and overcoat of plain leather.


Deacon is a man whose been through a lot. He’s the last living member of the Griers, a prominent werewolf familybwhise descendants have produced at least one full werewolf and many wolfblooded family members.

Last year his pack, lead by the alpha at the time, his father, they joined other packs from the area to hunt down and destroy a shadow Lord, a powerful spirit from the shadowlands, which decided to cross over into the material world and make a portion of it it’s own. The price was high, especially for Griers pack, as many werewolf were lost, almost no pack came out the other side of this battle whole. Griers own pack saw two losses. His father the pack alpha, and Griers best friend and packmate, Jacob Hills.

Wanting to move on and suffer no more loses, he moved out of the city and into the smaller town of Beacon Hills. Where he thought he could start over.

Here he met some kids with a tale that shook that believe that he could just start over. His father had always told him that a werewolf life was never just ordinary. The tale these youngsters told was enough to change his mind. He couldn’t let things like what happened to them happen again. He decided to help them, and make sure they had the strength to weather whatever lifer had in store for them.

Deacon Grier

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