Jacob Reinhardt

A cold and ruthless businessman...


A man who looks to be in his forties.

Cold calm and sophisticated he always dresses well and is always the center of attention in public.


Jacob Reinhardt is the CEO and owner of The Reinhardt Group organization. This organizations research and development fields focus on but are not exclusive to Advances genetics.

They’re home headquarters are based in Germany.

They are a multibillion dollar company.

Jacob lives with his American born wife Mellissa in Beacon Hills, California, where they have a local headquarters to the Reinhardt Group company.

Their only son, Kristopher was murdered in Brazil just after his high school graduation.

Other family in Beacon Hills are Jacobs sister Holly, her husband Bradley and their son Jason.

Jacob grew up in Germany where his father built the company he now calls his own, he quickly moved both him, his family and his company to America for seemingly no reason about 19 years ago and has lived here ever since.

Jacob Reinhardt

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