A nature Spirit who appears as a young girl


Nine appears as a young girl approximately 11 years old. With auburn like long hair.

In her spiritual form she appears about the same age height and shape but her features are different, her hairs made of autumn leaves. Her skin, the color and look of birch bark. And her eye like firefly.


Nina claims to be the spirit of a tree, of which was once the focus of druids and sacrifices in years past. She explained that a sacrifice, though back then was not very often, didn’t have to be a sacrifice if blood. Many people in today’s world sacrifice many things on a daily basis. Time, money, energy, some even sacrifice their futures for the right reasons. Futures in medicine or their other things.

Nina claims that ANY sacrifice made in her name will restore some of her lost power.

She claims she once had a great deal of power before her tree was cut down and the sacrifices stopped.


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