Ryan Winters

Cold Killer


Like the other members of Pack Rampage, Ryan is a big man. Tall buff and long brown hair.


Ryan found g is way to Beacon Hills with his brother, shortly after they got there, his brother got into a fight and killed a man at the bar, he didn’t change or do anything out of the ordinary, but he did draw attention to himself. Krüger found them before the police, since Ryan hadn’t broken the oaths he was only beat, then Ryan’s brother was to be made an example of, but Ryan called out to Krüger, he asked for mercy and Krügers answer was this, his death was to be slow, he was to made an example of, but it you meet out the punishment, if you deal justice, then you may do it quickly, prove your loyalty to the oath.

So Ryan killed his brother, and joined Pack Rampage, with promise of one day killing Krüger.

Ryan Winters

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