Breeds Under Change

Story Overview
The First Change

A group of friends just graduated high school and one of them decided to plan a trip to Brazil. One last huge blowout before they head of to college and split up.

Kris has made friends with people from school that fit into just about every niche there is.

The Emo-Goth kid Merrick.

The beautiful valedictorian.

The ex-child movie star.

The dorky bookworm.

The schools all-American.

The jock.

And his cousin.

While in Florinopolis, Brazil, they get invited to an exclusive party at a manor in the country. They go crazy at this party where it seems like anything goes, they’re given VIP passes and anything else they want. Soon though they start disappearing. Finally it’s just Merrick left looking for everyone, he asks one of the bouncers if he’s seen them and is taken to a back room and knocked out.

When the friends wake up tied up inside a dark cave things take a terrifying turn, some old hag performs a weird ritual awhile tearing out Kris’s heart and making them eat it, they all begin feeling weird as the ritual seems to finish and just as they’re about to get killed, they hear gunshots outside and two men with guns rescue them, they wander through the jungle for a time until they find their way back to the city and their hotel. Not knowing what to di they sneak out of the hotel and take their plane back h ok me without Kris.

When they get back they find out all kinds if strange things and weird changes in their lives.

They find out Kris’s dad is a werewolf, that they’ve all changed in strange ways with New abilities. They find more and more out about werewolf society and end up joining for their own safety.

Things seem to be going great until their Loci is attacked by an odd Spirit and Travis is hurt very bady.

They survive the attack and defeat the spirit, but where did it come from, is it Lilith? What’s going to happen next?

Find out in the next Story. . .



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