Tag: Pack:New Genisis


  • Terra Jensen

    Terra was in a abusive relationship when she underwent her first change, like most hers ended in a bloodbath. Now that look of madness she had in her eyes when she had saw what it was she could do can still be found, if you know where to look for it. …

  • Brian Olsen

    Brian went through his first change and was one of the lucky ones to not lose complete control. He hid himself away in the city and was soon found by Deacons father like the others. Soon after, Pack: New Genisis was founded and he became a member.

  • Ferral Reese

    Ferral killed his girlfriend when the first change took him, his packmate is a constant reminder that he lost control and he could have tried harder or something, but he didn't and now here he is, all he can do now is protect or help others so that …